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Eyes and Brows
Eye Brow Wax

Just a clean up of those brows.


Professional Eyebrows
Eye Brow Shaping

We will get those brows back in shape!


Groovy Grape Lip Gloss
Lip Wax

Let's get rid of that mustache.


Eyebrow Wax
Nose Wax

No more hanging out.


Model's Lower Face
Full Face Wax

Nice and smooth. includes eyebrows


Beauty Model
Under Arm Wax

Full under arms.


Bikini Wax

Just the outline. 


Wax Removal
Brazilian Wax

We get everything. 


Wax Appointment
Full leg Wax

Hip to toes.


Wax Removal
Full Arm Wax

Keep those arms smooth.


Smiling Fit Model
Chest Wax

We have got you guys to.


Back Massage
Back Wax

We have got you guys to.


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