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The Evolve beauty Levels program

At Evolve Beauty we use a Level Program to provide a career path of growth and achievement for our stylists while offering several options for our salon clients to meet your diverse needs in salon services. Clients have the ability to choose the stylist/level that best meets their needs from skill set to education and budget.  

See our levels below

We offer the following Levels for clients to select from:

- Level 1 -

A Level 1 stylist is a recent graduate or new hire with less than 3 years' experience that is undergoing our 12-month training program. During this time, they will shadow and assist higher Level stylist and learn, while seeing some clients. All services will be checked and sometimes supervised as they learn and grow as a stylist.  A Level 1 stylists services will be at our lowest prices as they learn and begin to build as a stylist.

- Level 2 - 

A Level 2 stylist has completed the initial Evolve training program under our education team. These stylists are working with limited assistance with a full client base and have proven themselves in their learning and training. A level 2 stylist is still building their client base. These stylists' prices will still be budget friendly but reflect their time in the training program and skill level. 

- Level 3 - 

A Level 3 stylist has completed 2 to 3 years on the floor perfecting their skills and has tested out to this level. They have shown talent and skill in the services they offer and have worked to build their client base while also learning to teach and assist lower level stylists. These stylists' prices reflect their skill level. 

- Level 4 - 

A level 4 stylist has completed 5 to 6 years in the industry and at least 3 years with Evolve Beauty where they have built a strong client base and assist with training and day to day oversight of other stylists. These stylists are known for their skill and talent and are working towards making the top level. Stylists at this level have higher prices and may be harder to get in with. 

- Level 5 - 

Level 5 stylists are specialists in all of Evolve Beauty's principles and are senior educators that develop and train new educators. This level is also responsible for certifying our specialists and also organizing all continuing education and assisting with related duties. This level is reserved for our most experienced and in high demand service providers in our salon.

They are well-known for their work, have reached rigorous goals and met our education and skill requirements. These stylists are your salon directors and artistically guide the entire team. They take appointments by request only. 

These are the most sought-after stylists at the salon not only because of their very advanced education level but also because of their well-known reputation in the community.

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