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our fab story

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi

When the founders of Evolve Beauty Salon & Spa decided to venture out on their own, change was a very big factor in the building of the brand. They wanted to not only change things in their world, they wanted to be the positive changes in the industry in their community. The very name Evolve came from this desire to change, and evolve. 

"We wanted to give the client not just a service, but an experience." Sheridan Peterson one of the founders stated.

At Evolve Beauty we believe in changing the salon setting to be more than a timed, assembly line of hair, nail, waxing and skincare services. We strive to offer salon services in a spa type setting, with luxurious touches, for reasonable prices. At Evolve Beauty we do our best to offer not only top quality products, but to go as organic as possible when ever we can. We believe in doing our part to offer American Made products, and products that are environmentally friendly. 

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