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In with the New

As we approach 2023 I have reflected a lot over the past year as I am sure many have. Like many it has been a year of ups and down, and at the end we stand and look towards a bright new year. As I look forward I am excited to see new growth and new learning here in the salon. We signed 4 new stylist’s today, a big leap into our new year and growth for our future. I am excited for the learning that will come to our new stylists and our old stylists.

Learning is an every growing mountain that we all should climb again and again. Our new stylists participated in training this week honing their skills in manicures and facials. They learned techniques and began their knowledge of products, starting their climb up this knowledge mountain. In school they get a basic knowledge, but in the field they gain everything they will use for the rest of their career’s.

We will be posting about all that they learn as they begin their career’s, Welcome Racquel, Mackenzie, Daisy, and Taishja to Evolve Beauty and the next step in your career.

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