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Welcome to 2023

As we all rang in the new year, And celebrated with our family and friends, I took a moment to celebrate the amazing things we have coming this year in the salon. What better time than now to pass on some fun beauty tips for the new year.

We are all making our resolutions and I am sure that some of those are to be healthier and lose those pouds. We should add to that healthy skin!!!! Now how do we get healthier skin you ask? As the head of esthetics for Evolve Beauty I would love to share some skin health tips.

First - take a trip to see an esthetician (shameless plug) your esthetician is specially trained to know skin, this includes the anatomy and physiology of skin, disorders of the skin, and skin analysis. A great facial will let the esthetician analyze your skin health and skin needs, this also is a great way to get your skin a head start on your skin health journey.

Second - a good at home skin routine, the big part of this doing this routine every day and making a good healthy skin care habit. Your routine should include a good cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer. Your esthetician can help guide you in selecting what your skin needs.

Third - sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen….protect your skin with a 30 or better SPF every day, eve if it is gloomy and cloudy, put on your sunscreen.

Fourth - hydrate and I am not talking moisturizer because we already did! Be sure to drink enough water daily, I recommend 64 ounces a day.

Fifth - Get plenty of rest. Sleep helps our cells rejuvenate and our bodies heal, making sure we get enough sleep helps all of our systems including our skin!

Follow us for more skin tips and knowledge.

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